One thing is for certain as we explore the work of Kashif this month there will be a recurring theme that is undeniable: The sheer volume of hit songs that he has been involved with. That’s no easy task and certainly speaks to a writer, producer and artist who is able to line his art with the pulse of the people. Today’s gem from Howard Johnson hit number one on the dance charts and number six on the R&B charts back in 1982.

Kashif, always on the cutting edge of music and technology is credited with inventing a technique known as “flying in” vocals(a process whereby vocals passages are sampled and then “flown” into place in the song arrangement) this technique was first used on “So Fine” through the use of the Synclavier. Flying in vocals along with Kashif’s sampling techniques of replacing drum sounds, lead and background vocal placements, and even dialog editing are a core part of music production today. In considering these achievements contextually this was done in 1982 with limited sampling time etc., etc., which just goes to show the power of the imagination and creativity always rule the day.

Make sure to join the movement! Kashif’s latest project is The History of R&B Music a ten part documentary series.