The elders are speaking to me today my friends… I want you to check out this performance clip and then go here and read yet another inspiring story about an artist making music. I put the emphasis on music because that’s the undeniable sound of what Renee Patrick produces.

Accompanied by the Judy Roberts trio (Judy is on piano, with husband Greg Fishman on bass, and Gerry Reynolds playing drums) this is what you need to take your kids to see as an introduction to music. It’s up close, personal, attainable, approachable… I could go on with adjectives. But my main point here is this is the type of experience that could and should inspire anyone to seek out music. You don’t need a budget for this, you need talent and lots of practice and preparation then the product sounds like a beautiful Sunday stroll through the park.

For more information on Renee Patrick check out this great article.