A little weekend homework… check out this vid by independent artist Natalie Brown and then, I would like for you to think about how many times you may have said or felt like an artist is somehow not valid because they don’t have the backing of a major label behind them.

Now after you have done that I want you to try an exercise: In this exercise you will consider all of your favorite places, to eat, shop, folks you employ to work on your house or car and so on. Now instead of putting the term major record label use terms like national chains, franchises etc.,

Then, what I want you to do is to compare how many local or regional businesses you use as opposed to national franchises like Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Goodyear et al. Your local and regional businesses are your independent artists and of course your Wal-Marts etc., are your major labels. Which places do you typically find that the food or the service is better or maybe they have something unique or gasp maybe they actually know you. Does the fact that the business does not carry a national name diminish your view of it at all? So why should it be any different for music?

We will be definitely featuring more from Natalie Brown in the future here at GFM. You can keep up with her here: