GFM Fam we wanted to take some time out today and put you on to the sound of Detroiter Eliza Neals Eliza is slated to release her latest full-length project Messin With a Fool this month. For the recording Eliza Neals sought out the unique talents of veteran writer/producer Martin ‘Tino’ Gross (Kid Rock, RL Burnside) and united him with Detroit legend Barrett Strong (Marvin Gaye, Temptations) to begin provocative recording sessions. Eliza’s “strangely sultry blues voice” and cool writing style melted with the two masters forging a solid union.

As readers of this blog may know, I have been a big proponent of calling for more Blues, because it truly is the root of all music created in this country. Eliza Neals’ Blues are not the Blues of nostalgia, no they are definitely the Blues of what’s happening right now. Open, honest, up-close, is the sound of the project the songs are well-crafted and inventive and the playing and singing is unapologettically Saturday Night (let’s go out and listen to some music that is alive, Saturday Night). Make sure to check out the vids for Misery and Man’s Man, below and make sure you head on over to to keep up with the latest on all things Eliza Neals and to find out about how to purchase and hear previews of Messin With a Fool.

Ivan Orr is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer, and writer. A native of Charlottesville, Virginia Ivan was involved with the forming and nascent days of The Music Resource Center as its first Program Director. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Music, Ivan currently resides in Richmond, VA where he maintains an active performance and production schedule while serving as the Music Editor for Grown Folks Music, a position he has held since 2010.

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