Hola mi amigos!!!! Once again, it’s that special time of the year!! A time for lovers to come together to celebrate that funny little thing we call L’ amour. In celebration of this “unofficial” holiday, I decided to share some Grown Folks love songs. Now, please understand these songs are not in any particular order nor do they encompass all I would like to share – we’d be here forever if it did. However, they’re just a few songs to make you think about the one you love or wish to be with. 🙂

Can You Stand The Rain – Written by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, this signature hit is an enduring song. It’s a effortless song that simply ask “can you weather the storm” when the good times turn grey? It’s a relationship song every couple can relate to and will continue to connect with for generations. Also, you know these dudes looked sharp in them suits and hats.

Making Love In The Rain– This is such a sexy song. Between Herb Alpert’s smooth trumpet, Lisa Keith’s lead vocals and Janet Jackson backgrounds, in the words of Gabrielle Union, this song “makes sexy jealous”. It can create an imagery of rain against a city skyline, satin sheets, and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. If you’re not careful you might be in a scene from “9 1/2 Weeks” with this song.

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Secret Garden–  I know ya’ll probably added to the human population with this song. How could you really go wrong with crooners Barry White, Al B. Sure, James Ingram and El Debarge asking you to seductively reveal your “secret garden”?!?! What makes this song so beautiful is Quincy Jones’ classic R&B production and the metaphor of the “Secret Garden”. It’s not something blurted out but it definitely implies with a classy sophistication only “Q” could give.

Spend The Night– When Angela Winbush and Ron Isley were together, they made some great music. But then again, Angela made some good music with Rene too. Anyway this flirtatious song bids a simple invitation to spend the night. An invitation that could be hard to turn down. Sing it Mr. Biggs!!!!

Hey Lover– I had to put a hip hop cut in the mix. Gotta give the list some variety. Why do I love this cut? It’s simple. Michael Jackson’s “Lady In My Life” cut, Boyz II Men’s harmony and LL’s lips. They are so kissable. Oh and the song is sexy too!!! 🙂

How Do You Keep The Music Playing – this is such a real song.  The subject matter is incredibly truthful when it ask “how do you lose yourself to someone and never lose your way”. The musical chemistry of James Ingram and Pattie Austin is so magical which is further heightened by Johnny Mandel, David Foster and Quincy Jones’ incredible arrangement of the song.  This song will always be a relevant song. A wonderful love song.

Well, that’s it for my love list. Like I said, I’d love to share more but we’d be here all day. Plus, I wanted to share some songs that don’t always get attention this time of year. To all my GFM family………HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!! Or in the words of Mr. Cupid Valentino……..


“Can You Stand The Rain” – Song written by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis performed by New Edition courtesy of MCA/Geffen Records

“Making Love In the Rain” – Song written by Herb Alpert performed by Herb Alpert, Lisa Keith and Janet Jackson courtesy of Rondor Music/Universal Music Group

“Secret Garden” – Song written by Quincy Jones performed by Barry White, Al B. Sure, James Ingram and El’ Debarge courtesy of Warner Brothers Records

“Spend The Night” – Song written by The Isley Brothers performed by The Isley Brothers and Angela Winbush courtesy of WEA/Warner Brothers Records

“Hey Lover” – Song written by LL Cool J and Rod Temperton;sample from “Lady In My Life”; performed by LL Cool J and Boyz II Men courtesy of Def Jam Records

“How Do You Keep The Music Playing” – Song written by Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman and Michael Legrand performed by James Ingram and Pattie Austin courtesy of Qwest Records; video by Bigbankx

“Happy Valentine’s Day” – Song written and performed by Andre Benjamin courtesy of Arista/BMG; video by Chris Walker