I have one email in my inbox currently, one. What that represents for me is the work to get rid of a lot of noise. There’s a lot of noise in the world and even though a large majority of the noise is aural, the noise that isn’t aural somehow contributes to the aural cacophony.

Glad to be putting this one in the books. Over the last two decades New Year’s Eve and Day have supplanted Christmas as the most anticipated annual holiday. It is the evening and the day to reflect and hopefully if you’re intentional, a time to hit the reset button.

Clearly I’m beyond the age and this is passed the date to submit a list to Santa so I er uh usually make a list of things that I’m resetting or putting in the recycle bin as the year changes. So here’s my list for the 16-17 changeover in no particular order.

1. Subscribing to anyone’s email list for anything (see above)

2. Joining the mob for any cyber “Witch Hunts” (no offense to any Witches)

3. Trying to listen to new music every day of the week. (It’s not you, it’s me, I’m not interested)

4. Having a visceral reaction to anything posted on social media. (I will instead go outside and breathe this air while I still can)

5. Provide any commentary regarding my disdain for the shuck and jive of “Urban Radio” (I just listen to podcasts and Spotify in the car now and the world is right again)

6. Trying to convince anyone either through this forum or any of the millions of other online platforms of my truth that I spoke on #5 on this list.

7. Utter, print or post the word “Legendary” in regards to any artist’s musical acumen whether I’m a staunch supporter or not a fan.(The word through over use has been cheapened and ruined)

8. Be offended by the rampant shameless self-promotion of mediocrity. (Quite honestly it’s the new normal)

9. Take periodic participation breaks from the “Echo Chamber”. (Sometimes being inside of said chamber is par for the course. See also #8)

10. Only take serious what truly is…

Have a safe and Happy New Year!