So I’m putting myself and my mouth and reputation online < —- see what I did there? No, but seriously as a follow-up to a screed from a few weeks ago which you can check out here I want to begin the process of offering some practical steps to help producers and consumers of media alike avoid taking a voyage on that cruise ship of mediocrity that dominates the convo.

Step 1: Actively seek to #GetGrown. I don’t want anyone to #GetGrown to make Grown Folks Music the movement(that would be cool but that’s not the point)no the point is through this process there will become more of a demand for… wait for it… quality. Yes, quality remember that? Sure, sometimes that can be subjective but if we’re really honest most people should(if they know better) know the difference between Shinola and that other stuff. Yes, we’ve reached a point where the know better is in question. So, how do we combat the not knowing and #GetGrown all at the same time?

First things, first… go slow. When you are moving into the realm of the “grown” take your time, question everything. Some questions you will automatically generate from your experience. Temper that process by taking some time each day to question your experience, in other words because something is old and familiar that doesn’t necessarily make it a classic and just because something is new doesn’t make it instantly hot garbage either although sometimes… but I digress.

Secondly, “Grown” or the process of the #GetGrown is a mindset it is not a genre of music. Yes the title of the site is Grown Folks Music, but that does not allude to any one genre of music more than another but it speaks to a state of mind that should be entered into when experiencing something “Grown”. Just like after a cup of Folger’s the exclamation springs forth “Ahh that’s good coffee!”, when you experience Grown Folks Music the tried and true “Now that’s Grown Folks Music!” is sure to follow.

Lastly, for today’s lesson realize that “getting grown” and this type of commitment is not for everyone. A real “Grown” does not force their opinion on anyone. Oh for certain a real “Grown” states their opinion with volume, but understands that everyone has to experience the journey in their own way and if it is meant for one to arrive at the intersection of “Good Ave.” and “Grown St.” they will in their own due time.