“Cool It Now” is one of those r&b classics that is so familiar melodically that it can instantly transport you back in time when the song was first released to radio. Both the song and the video are pure 80’s- from Ralph, Bobby and Mike’s gold jewelry, to the mixture of hairstyles, to the group member’s sweatsuits. I still smile seeing the guys as pre-teens. This single was the opening track off of New Edition’s self titled album. As the song continues, Ralph receives lectures from his group members on how he may be about to go astray by going down the road of love. Ralph gets the girl in the end, so all is well. The song peaked at #4 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in January 1985. “Cool it Now” is in defense of puppy love- something that 98% of us experience before the age of 18. In case you’re late to the party and don’t know the group member’s names, don’t worry- around 2:52 Ralph gives a role call of the pre-Johnny Gill New Edition. Now you have no excuse not to be well versed on who’s who New Edition.