When Lalah recently performed at Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, she mentioned how she has re-recorded this song a couple of times. This is the type of track that only gets better with time. The lyrics alone are so beautiful: “I’m coming back just to give you my love, There’s a part of me that lives in you. I’m coming back just to give you my love, Loving you is the best thing I can do”. I couldn’t acknowledge this track without acknowledging the original version from Lalah’s 1992 debut album.

In 1992, Lalah was a new, young artist known mainly for being the daughter of the legendary Donny Hathaway. How things have changed. Now Lalah is a bonafide legend in the making of her own right. In comparing the different versions of this song, a couple of things are immediately noticeable: the addition of the amazing Rachelle Ferrell and the additional running time of the 2011 version. The additional run time allows for a change in the intro instrumentation from a saxophone focus (1992) to a percussion focus (2011). Fans are also treated to amazing ad libs at the close of the song. Check out the live version above and the 1992 version below.