Song of the Day- Whitney Houston "I Believe in You and Me"

"I Believe in You and Me" is one of those songs that many people today still may not know is a remake. This is because Whitney covered the Four Top's classic so beautifully that she made the song her own. While the Four Tops version was moderate hit, Whitney's version of the song went all the way to #2 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart.

"I Believe in You and Me" is available as both a cd single and as part of "The Preacher's Wife" soundtrack. The original version by the Four Tops is also available on their release, "Their Greatest Love Songs".


Whitney Houston (with the Georgia Mass Choir): "I Love The Lord"

"I Love The Lord" by Whitney Houston and the Georgia Mass Choir is a song from the soundtrack to the 1996 motion picture The Preacher's Wife. The Preacher's Wife Soundtrack Album is the best-selling gospel album of all time. It sold more than six million albums worldwide.

"I Love The Lord" was beautifully written by Richard Smallwood; and perhaps what makes this song so special today--the day after Whitney Houston's death--is that she believed in the one whom she was singing about. In the peaks of her career success and the valleys of her personal life--her belief in her Savior was always her confession. So, speaking of the throne that is mentioned in this song--perhaps Ms. Houston is worshipping there right now.