AOM ’11 [Rewind]:Pics & Concert Review: Mint Condition Rocks Atlanta!

Stokley and Mint Condition performing live in Atlanta
Stokley Williams of Mint Condition

As a music blogger, I get the opportunity to see a number of shows. Some of them are great and others make you question is it really a “live show” if an artist lip syncs to an autotuned vocal? Like seriously…should I be applauding this because I didn’t get the memo?!?!? But regardless of the debatable things I’ve witnessed, there are others that totally create a moment. For instance, I can think back to I my freshman year in high school, listening to the radio on my Panasonic boom box – yes….I did say my Panasonic boom box . After the DJ said something I can barely remember, I recall hearing these dramatic chords began by a 6 piece band with one lead singer subtlety whispering, “Pretty…..brown…….eyes”. The moment I heard Breaking My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) , I knew Mint Condition not only played a chord in my ear but they left an imprint in my love for music. Not that it wasn’t enough that this band was under the direction of my favorite music producers, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, but I hadn’t heard a sound like that since precociously rummaging in my mother’s  old funk band albums.  Continue reading “AOM ’11 [Rewind]:Pics & Concert Review: Mint Condition Rocks Atlanta!”

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