R.I.P. Supa Rockin’ Mr. Magic (1956 – 2009)

Mr. Magic WBLS Studio Photo (StarrliteGentry)

Oh My God I Think I’m Having a Rap Attack!

[ Ecstacy ]
Somebody get a doctor!
Quick, man
She’s having an attack!
[ Jalil ]
She said ‘rap attack’, man, not ‘heart attack’
[ Ecstacy ]
Oh, you mean she’s alright then?
[ Jalil ]
Of course, man
You never heard of a Mr. Magic Rap Attack?
Where is this guy from, man?
[ Ecstacy ]
Oh, I heard of a heart attack or a big mac attack
But what’s a rap attack?
[ Jalil ]
Come here, man, I see I’ma have to explain it to you
like this
See, a rap attack means……

– Whodini (Magic’s Wand)

Another sad day for hip hop fans as news broke yesterday of the passing of one of hip hop’s pioneering DJ’s, Mr. Magic aka The Official Voice of Hip Hop: Supa Rockin’ Mr. Magic, aka Sir Juice aka John Rivas. In the last few months we’ve seen the passing of DJ AM and DJ Roc Raida among others. For those of you who were fortunate to come up in the ‘golden era’ of hip hop as I was, you respect and appreciate the impact and influence he had on hip hop and commercial radio in general.

Every hip hop DJ with a mix show, podcast, voice and career is indebted to Mr. Magic.

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