Anthony David’s “Presidential” Mixtape with The SuperFriends-“The Sound Of Love”!


Ok fans, I know you’ve been itching and twitching like a crack addict in New Jack City wondering when the hell is Anthony David dropping his third  damn album!!! Well girls and boys, you have exactly 13 days and counting before he drops “As Above So Below”!!! Yes, March 11th is the day!!! However, to help you through the night shivers and the cold sweats of your “cold turkey” attacks, here’ s his mixtape, The Sound of Love, mixed by The World Famous SuperFriends (DJ Doc, DJ Mars & DJ Trauma) and presented by BamaLoveSoul. Check out this presidential approved music also a short video of the concept behind this mix from DJ Mars and DJ Trauma!! Continue reading “Anthony David’s “Presidential” Mixtape with The SuperFriends-“The Sound Of Love”!”

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