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General Questions

Well, we could go deep, or we can keep it simple.  Let’s keep it simple –it’s not JUST old school, it’s not JUST yo mama’s music, it’s not JUST new school.   But what it is, is “12 notes, that’s all it is, a C is the same in every genre. The criteria here is that the music is great, simple as that”. It’s music with a message.

If that doesn’t work for you, check out what a few of our friends have to say about it and we want to hear from you.

STILL not sure?  Check out what Big Rube from the legendary Dungeon Family has to say.

We’d love to hear your definition and who knows, we could be wrong… but we doubt it.

Yes, we do accept music submissions. All submissions are reviewed by our staff.  Please see the criteria here.

For all inquiries including advertising, event coverage, and partnership opportunities please email us at business@grownfolksmusic.com.

Please send a description of the issue (including screenshots when applicable) to: corrections@grownfolksmusic.com.

Please send your request, area of interest and any relevant information to Carl Smith (csmith@grownfolksmusic.com).   You can also view our contributors page for additional information.

GFM Shop

Orders are printed on demand and therefore are typically fulfilled 3- 7 days after the purchase date.  The estimated delivery schedule can be found here.

We use “Live Rates” for most of our shipping, which are calculated based on the exact weight and destination of the order. These will apply to USPS, FedEx and international orders.  Additionally, some items are packaged and shipped separately which may increase the shipping costs.  Flat rate shipping is also available for certain items.

Unfortunately, they do not.

Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB & PayPal.

Yes. We are PCI compliant and all payment information is handled by our payment integration partners.  We do not store your credit card information. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

All sales are final.  Please see our Returns policy for exceptions.