It had been on my list to make this connection to the idea of #GetGrown for a while now. With the news of the passing of Hugh Hefner I wanted to at least make an attempt to travel down the path. This whole notion of what the artifact of Playboy After Dark is came into my awareness about six years ago when I viewed Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist And Rebel. Before that, “Playboy After Dark” was a phrase my mother would utter to me when she was questioning my activities of the late night variety as in: Who do you think you are Playboy After Dark? I digress…

Here’s my suggestion… Because we live in a world now where the idea of anything seems to supplant its complex reality, a line (from my review of the documentary on Hugh Hefner) summarizes a method of inquiry –

“This film is not just Hefner’s world view, there are many critics of Hefner profiled which provides a fertile opportunity for the viewer to make up their own mind about this man and his legacy.”

So as in life also in death it follows that any figure of even the slightest controversial status the debate will continue. Hugh Hefner has loomed large culturally for well over sixty years and in that time not only has he been examined in the high court but also the court of public opinion. My invitation to you is to view the video content above simply at face value first. Then consider the era, the people, the interactions and how all of those interlinking parts match up with the idea of #Grown. I’d also recommend that if you can view the documentary about Hugh Hefner I reference above take the opportunity to do so. After which just ask yourself are you here for the articles, the pictures or both? I think probably what mattered the most to Hugh Hefner is that you had the right to able to decide for yourself.