I’m not going to start with the obvious and easy self-deprecating “I’m old.” Yes we know this, however… there was a time, there was a place where I and many others of my generation were right damn fabulous. 1991 is somewhat the time and place where we begin the 90’s in earnest and early in the year that was this quiet roar from a group that would make ripples through this music industry for years to come.

The group: Jodeci. The song: “Gotta Love”. No this would not be the earth shattering R&B scorcher that would be released in August(“Forever My Lady”) no this was the beat-driven uptempo number in all of its New Jack sensibilities but something was different about this group, not only musically but visually. These guys with their Bill Rogers skull caps, boots, HBCU hoodies and so on looked just like us. No shiny tailored made 32 button matching suits, these guys had shopped at Up Against The Wall or one of the other hip stores of the early 90’s to inject a realness that matched the rawness of the music.

This was a quiet debut. I remember making a mental note the fist time I saw the video of BET. Jodeci. Ok cool – Jodeci the guys that were on the Father MC joint? Yes Jodeci, I need to remember and keep my eyes out for these guys and once the Summer was almost over it was like an atomic bomb had gone off. We’ll get to that later this year, but for now let’s all go back to the very beginning and feel the sound and vibe of that early 90’s swing.

Uptown MCA Baby!!!