I’m sure there will be a B-Day shout for the one and only Teddy Riley here in this space today as the party has already started on our FB page. What can one say about someone whose music has been so influential personally and professionally to an entire generation? Well, one thing you can say is that the music from Teddy Riley is not just a then proposition… it is as alive and vital now as it was then. For you see the legacy of Teddy Riley is about music, he brought his own style to the table and shaped an entire movement of music.

I post this clip because it was released well over a decade after Guy’s debut single “Groove Me” yet, it had the same effect on me. That effect where you stop what you’re doing because something grabs your ear, excites you, pulls you closer and beckons you to listen and listen again. That’s what I look for in music, the feeling of “We’re going to get to know each other better…” and even through that process we may spend a lot of time together initially and then we go a way for a while but then when we come back together it’s like we were never apart. That’s music when it’s right and Teddy Riley has had a whole lot of “right” moments over the course of his career.

So let’s take this one in together? Shall we? A little sway during the day, a head nod, a cubicle two-step if you will with the sounds of Teddy Riley, the sound of Guy!