GFM Fam time to get ready to lock your web browsers onto where you will get to enter the GFM Lounge hosted weekly by GFM’s own “Love Man” as well as other fine programs like Lyrical Rhapsody hosted by Emancipation Radio co-owner Ginnie Love.

Co-owner, Star Maiden who serves as the webmaster, programmer and program director brings her passion for activism through work with groups like MADD and her skill as a graphic designer(which you can check out her work here at her company Indulgence Design) to create a space that is a destination for music, empowerment, and social change.

About Emancipation Radio

Since 2005 Emancipation Radio has offered its listeners an opportunity to experience freedom in music from today’s independent artist while melding together vintage and rare soul, funk, R&B, interviews with platinum selling musicians, international bestselling authors and more.

As a worldwide 24/7 broadcast we continue to create a platform whereby independent musicians and artists share their talents with the world via the unlimited connection online radio offers.

Emancipation is defined as freeing one of the control of another. Where traditional radio has failed we join together and continue the quest of providing real music to the music connoisseur. Emancipation Radio continues to elevate in our dedication in reaching our audience bringing the best of a history rich with music.

With the addition of “Playing it Forward” Emancipation Radio joins forces with its listeners in spotlighting and supporting charities making a difference in our world. In addition, while tuned in our listeners will often be reminded of our ‘soul ‘purpose in reaching new heights, together.

As we continue to grow and traverse through this journey we thank you for your support. You are the reason Emancipation Radio exists.

Emancipation Radio, THIS is what FREEdom sounds like!

Lyrical Rhapsody & Living Your Lyric

Ginnie Love is the host of Lyrical Rhapsody, a unique vibe blending Soul (indie/classic), Jazz (acid/fusion/smooth), Poetry/Spoken Word, R&B, indie artists and more in a unique eclectic lyrical experience. Please visit our Featured Artists page at to view a listing of the artists and authors previously spotlighted on Lyrical Rhapsody. Lyrical
Rhapsody’s mission is to bring joy and healing through the expressive arts.

Living Your Lyric is a talk segment hosted by Ginnie Love, MA discussing relevant topics and information encouraging emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical wellness supporting you in living your life’s passion, your lyric.

Lyrical Rhapsody with Ginnie, Living Your Lyric.