“Bä (On My Mind)” from Natani is Music For Your Soul

As you(we) go through this a day(and if we're being honest sometimes an hour) at a time, slow down, breathe and might I suggest a real moment of reflection with "Bä (On My Mind)" from Natani as your soundtrack.

Open Season, Genocide & Voting in 2020 A Conversation with Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump and Dr. Gin Love Thompson

During this riveting conversation Attorney Crump concisely presents the dire need for all to vote democratic up and down the ballot in the 2020 Election or the protests in the streets and the deaths of George Floyd and countless others by police will be in vain, stating never in American history have we had to deal with a President as divisive as Trump.

The Something That We Really Need Is “Nothing At All” FKAjazz feat Leo Coltrane

FKAjazz [is] moving jazz forward even further into new and exciting territories, incorporating elements of hip hop, traditional jazz, R&B, and other musical forms, "Nothing At All" feat. Leo Coltrane is proof positive of this declaration.

Nyah Grace Reminds Us That There Are Young #Growns

From my listening vantage point it sounds like Nyah Grace has been empowered to make the musical choices that line up with her muse and we must applaud that, especially in this environment where it often seems like it's more important to have a large following than great music.

Music Makes Me Cry and I Don’t Think I Can Stop

All I had to do is to look at the names involved on this clip and I instantly murmured to myself "Don't play with me."

Let’s Take “The Drive” with Saint Ripley

#Growns we're taking a minute to get you in the know or better yet, get you in the ride as you listen to "The Drive" from Saint Ripley.

Find Out Why PC Muñoz Doesn’t Believe You

PC Muñoz is coming through this Friday with a message in the music for these times.

Cover Me Sundays Grown Folks Music

“Cover Me” Sundays – “That’s The Way Of The World”

This is definitely one of those "sent to us..." posts that reminds of us why we do what we do

What’s In A Name… Shanice Is That You??? Viral Dreams, Capitalistic Schemes

So the other night I was perusing Spotify just doing what I do when I ran up on the new release tab or whatever it is called. I saw something new was out by Shanice. I was like oh alright cool, I love Shanice. Except upon further examination and playing the track I realized real quick that it wasn't Shanice Wilson.