As we observe the fourth anniversary of Prince Rogers Nelson’s leaving the earthly plane we reflect and give thanks for his life.

Grown Folks Music longtime friend Gin Love Thompson, Ph.D. shares with us today seven poems from her #1 Best Seller Sunrises at Midnight which is dedicated to Prince for his encouragement of her poetry and writing.

Included are six poems she wrote about Prince during her personal grieving process: Part V Interlude: Weeping Willow; though the poems are universal for us all in losing not only a musical icon but a prolific philanthropist who challenged and revolutionized our world.

You can listen to my interview with Gin Love Thompson on Sunrises at Midnight and so much more from August 2019 here

These poems will be available for the next thirty days as an offering from Gin in hope of offering healing and comfort to others who also feel the depth of Prince’s absence and intense gratitude for the gift of his life.

Remember, to quote his Purple Majesty, “The only love we have is the love we make.” The world needs all the love we can find in these times. We believe you will find love in these words.

Gin Love Thompson

Dedicated to Prince Rogers Nelson for being a
reflection of what I was not yet able to see in myself.
For you…



Dreaming in the Heavens
Plucking stars like ripe berries
To sweetly feed to U
Tenderly preparing a princely feast
To see U through
Any journey long or brief
I give to U today, my undying Love

I wish U could have stayed.

-April 26, 2016

I have no desire to sing of purple rain
Only want to see your smile again
Laughter to replace the tears
Feel your presence near
Blessed are those who knew
What a playful glance infused

In your transit composing
A universal arpeggio
Reverberating throughout Heaven
Serenading eternal vibrato
Only heightening the longing
To be near your flow

The windows are open
Welcoming the breath of your name
A cascading chorus of fragrant petals
Knowing life will never be the same
Transitioning far too soon
Leaving this universe out of tune

I rest in between the lines of lyric
Where your memory thrives
Living forever without effort
Throughout all space and time
Your absence left the vinyl skipping
Interrupting a Divine rhyme

For those whom you’ve touched
Your telepathic eloquence,
Your cherished ethereal ways
We speak with our silence
As we continue to count the days.

Violets For You
I felt you in the caress
Of the butterfly’s wing
The promise you would never end
Whispered by a gentle breeze
Under skies of eternal spring
Wildflowers draped in dew
Spirit sang its song today,
She sang it just For You.

Night beckons memories
Mourning’s gentle pain
I hear you say
From pain what is there to gain
Bring then in its place
Tangerine’s creative spark
Wakeful mornings overjoyed
Soothing broken hearts

Singing your sweet melody
Born a royal frame of design
Harmony consistent
Without need of time
Every day I will sing of you
In a violet frame of mind.

Coup My Flowers
Ownership and power once held complete,
my creations flowing, the world was sweet.
Then the day came…
Old friends, now I am for sale.

I gave you a career, abundance flowed.
My creations, not your own,
still I gave you a seat near my throne.
Until for you it was the end of the road,
then you kicked and screamed
told secrets and lies…
some truths as seen through your eyes.

Now the spotlight has returned.
Are your egos glad?
Let me get my piece of all that he had.
Want my fifteen too, after all, I’m due.
He’s finally left this empty room.

In my name and your hunger,
making money off my death
calling it “tribute,”
yet, you know when you came calling
I gave that idea the boot.

In my departure you decide in a beat,
Let’s go on the road.
The mourners need a feast; they’ll eat.
What will be delivered,
regurgitated foul rotted fruit from my vine;
in your mind, it’s your time.

Those ones in my circle
who now sell their tales,
sharing my stories with vivid detail.
I see all you’re doing.
This bittersweet taste of fame,
carrying out your agendas
in my royal name.

This revolution is about something more,
had to get your foot in the door.
It was shut for so long,
wasn’t it thirty years?
I hope you shed at least
a few purple tears.

A stage was set on April 21st
where some would parade with thirst.
True colors flying around and about,
most have already struck out.

God’s stage set to show who you truly are,
all while knowing,
it was I who made you a star.

Flowers in My Garden
The flowers in my garden
Each and every one
Soaking in the warmth
From the risen Son
When I miss your colors
When I’m feeling blue
Sitting with my flowers
Brings me back to you
Seasons take them
Yet they return every time
True to the essence
Of nature’s rhyme
Walking through my garden
Life continues to grow
Bursting into melodic hues
Each velvet petal a reluctant adieu
As I welcome another dawn
They say what is lost is never gone
So, my cherished one, I carry on
As I reminisce of you.

Love Is My For You
Firmly rooted
As that aged weeping willow
Seated majestically atop the hill
Deep as sapphire seas
Immense as the Milky Way
As far as the eye can see
Fragrant as the freshly
Open bud of the rose
Sweet as the song
The whippoorwill echoes
Soft as an Angel’s touch
Strong as ancient mountains
Precious as the rarest of jewels
As long as time can be,
Eons past eternity
Is my Love for you.



Child of God
I pray you be cloaked in grace
May the Angels embrace
Each day as you wake
May their hand you take

Turn from a world
Drenched in confusion
Until clarity returns
Removing all illusion

Child of God,
You are Loved
Beyond comprehension
Set upon mountains
Otherworldly dimensions

Reach for nothing
As the stars are your pillows
Know all required
Rests within Heavenly billows
Moonbeams shower your mind
Reminding you it’s all easy to find
When you let go, you align

Child of God,
Rest easy today
For nothing can be taken
When you’re willing to give it away

Open your heart
In wisdom and might
So it is written:
Wise as a serpent, tender as a dove.

Child of God,
Do and receive all things with Love.

Copyright © 2019 by Gin Love Thompson
Used with permission by the author.