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Editor’s note: This post was submitted by a great friend to GFM Ginnie Love

In 1987 Prince and Ingrid Chavez began a love story of friendship, Spirit and joy – of Gertrude and Dexter, a girl and a boy – who met one cold Minnesotan December night.

Out of dreams and whispering dandelions their starry nights gave birth to their wintersong.

In ‘Lovesexy’ she was his Spirit Child, in Graffiti Bridge, as Aura, his Angel once again. In Ingrid’s debut album entitled ‘May 19, 1991,’ produced by Prince at Paisley Park Studio’s, he gave her words life.

Two albums born of their dream time together, mirroring one another, walking in divine rhyme – ‘I Wish You Heaven’, ‘Heaven Must Be Near’…

In this poetic homage, Ingrid’s offering to Prince of Love and gratitude, we reminisce with her of the eternal magical time they shared together, and with us.

He gave her wings, she gave him her words… and songs to sing.

As authentic artistry does effortlessly, Ingrid, through sharing her personal emotions, has created an offering and healing remembrance for us all. This gift is one with which we may all give thanks and remember, “that smile.” In varied ways he gave wings to a generation, a world. Thank you dear Ingrid for gracing our hearts with the salve of your voice, which becomes our own.

Love, Light & Peace,
Ginnie Love

Ingrid Chavez, ‘You Gave Me Wings’