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Posts Tagged ‘Todd Rundgren’

The 30 Day Challenge

Friday, February 5th, 2016

Reel Talk

If you have a spare hour this weekend I highly suggest you check out this interview with Todd Rundgren. These are the type of flash point experiences that I know will prove to be more than helpful in my quest to get back on the road to loving the muse again. There are some great vegetables contained herein.

#GetGrown – Todd Rundgren “I Saw The Light” Redux

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

What I love about this performance is that it is a pastiche of a pastiche. The original version of “I Saw The Light” is an homage to the great singer-songwriters Laura Nyro and Carole King and then a little over 25 years later Todd Rundgren takes us to Brazil with a redux version with all breeziness one would expect from a Bossa. This is truly for the #Grown.

How Grown? Grown Enough to Cherish and Spend Time with Elders

Monday, October 27th, 2014

I’ve posted this clip before of Todd Rundgren’s 1972 hit “I Saw The Light” but it bears posting again for the purposes of this commentary. When I say “Elders” I don’t necessarily mean old. In fact we’ve had this discussion many times within the pages of this blog that Grown does not equal Old. What I’m trying to illustrate here through the use of “I Saw The Light” is that Todd was acknowledging two songwriters who had gone down along the road with making their impact not only on music at large but on a personal level. Todd Rundgren was able to take that inspiration and as he ingested the sounds and words of Laura Nyro and Carole King two things become readily apparent: Todd spent time with their music and highly regarded their work which the end result is the pastiche that we’ve come to know as “I Saw The Light”.

That’s Grown. You see, we all have been influenced and whereas we seek to forge our own path it is virtually impossible to do that without having a solid footing in whatever we are trying to accomplish. That solid footing comes from time spent with some Elders. Some Elders are in close proximity to you so the relationship is more of an intimate one and others may be influential and you haven’t met them (yet). But what will always be readily apparent is that your output should reflect time well spent with whomever you claim as an influence. Further, if you claim such influence as your own, if you care and decide to behave in our Grown manner, you will soon realize that as the time grows that you spend with your chosen Elders, you will value their example to the point that you will seek not to create anything that will create a crack in your established foundation.

AM in the A.M. – Todd Rundgren – “I Saw The Light”

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Haven’t done a post for this series in a minute, but I couldn’t think of a better song or artist to kick things back off. I’ve been in a very interesting space over the last few weeks in that I have been spending a great deal of time absorbing what I deem to be very well constructed songs. I love music production and will always invest the time in analyzing what’s going on production wise, but the DNA, lifeblood and foundation of music is the song. Too many people out here “producing” and not enough folks crafting great songs. Just like houses that you buy today: all the same, cheaply built en masse sans the pride of individual craftsmanship.

Todd Rundgren skillfully crafted this homage to singer-songrwriters Laura Nyro and Carole King and there are so many great lessons to be taken from here, and beyond that it’s simply just fantastic music from top to bottom.

“Cover Me” Sundays – “Hello It’s Me”

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

In this edition of “Cover Me” we take a look at “Hello It’s Me” a great tune from Todd Rundgren in three different incarnations: Todd, The Isley Brothers and Groove Theory. Enjoy!