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#NewMusic: J. Nolan – “Above The Fray”

Monday, November 14th, 2016


It’s rare these days to find an artist that has not just a consistent output of music volume wise, but the quality to match. It should come to readers of these pages as no surprise that the embodiment of that very notion is J. Nolan. We’ve done our best to keep up with the movement (dropped the ball here and there) but we ride on and we would be remiss if we did not do our small part to bring about some awareness of his latest project entitled Above The Fray a most apropos title given the present company who brought it forth.

So #Growns who know and love the real that Hip-Hop can be when it lives up to its potential you need to get behind, no I’m sorry let’s get lifted and join J. Nolan up there Above The Fray out now!

Press play below and follow the links to get this and other goodies from J. Nolan

#NewMusic: J. Nolan – “What’s Love?” (prod. Reese Jones)

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016


#Growns! Now that I have your attention I want to make sure that you put your ears on a sound that will definitely feel good and grown to you. This is the latest from one of our favorite emcees that we have been riding with for a good while and will continue to ride with J. Nolan

J. Nolan’s latest effort “What’s Love?” produced by his longtime collaborator Reese Jones, is here to set the stage for the next full-length project due out in May. But right now, today you can ride out and vibe with a track that J. Nolan describes as “… about love from a spiritual context that explores love of self, others, and how that manifests itself in how we as people deal with each other.” The music and the message are in sync here and as music is often described around these parts “It just feels right!”

Check out the stream below of “What’s Love?”
To purchase “What’s Love?” head here.

#NewMusic : J.Nolan – “Korrupt World”

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

I have to begin this post with you know what it is! Been saying this for years, but far too often we speak in terms of what used to be instead of listening to what really is… J.Nolan is and has been consistently delivering the goods since we were made aware of his work several years ago. We are always excited when we can post this kind of music because it is a reminder that just because you don’t know or don’t hear that greatness is not still among us.

From the press release

“Korrupt World”
Brand new single from Atlanta’s own, J.Nolan. After taking a lengthy hiatus which led to music placements on VH1 & MTV programming, the lyricist returns with this heartfelt offering dedicated to those going through turbulent times. Many people feel like they’ve been left behind or that their stories will remain unheard. “Korrupt World” is just one piece of a much needed dialogue in our community. God bless!

Order J.Nolan Merchandise at:

#NewMusic: J. Nolan – “Blowing Up” featured on “Vinyl Destination”

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

J.Nolan Promo 1

Readers of GFM should be familiar with the great work of J. Nolan he’s one of those emcees where an old head like me gets to the place that he’s getting ready to revert to the old and tired “back in my day” I reminded that quality and skill not only reside in yesteryear they are very much a part of the now.

The latest from J. Nolan “Blowing Up” (prod. d.C. soulplusmind) just debuted on the most recent episode of DJ Jazzy Jeff’s travel show, Vinyl Destination(which is one of our favorite shows around GFM HQ). This marks the 4th episode of Season 3 and additionally features cameos from DJ Babu, Skillz, DJ Ferno, and Dayne Jordan. All music in the show is handpicked by Jeff and his team. What a well-deserved placement for an artist who has been working hard at his craft and we know that great opportunities like this are only the beginning.

Checkout the episode(“Blowing Up” hits around the 8:15 mark)

#NewMusic – Fresh & Local (J.Nolan, G-Lo the Lion, & JusThoughtZ ) prod. by Kuddie Fresh

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

This single is leading the charge for the forthcoming release Fresh & Local, Vol. 1. by the collective of the same name

“Tear Drops” is the debut single from the group dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, spiritual unrest, and the fine lines between creativity and commerce. Many of us experience these things, but in order to save face in the public, we choose to hold in our insecurities and personal issues. In this song, the group simply asks, “Why don’t you let your tears drop?” They do just that in a venting session, produced by Kuddie Fresh.

Indeed! #Growns you should definitely give this a spin and get into the sounds!!!

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New Music: J.Nolan – Building Utopia (Official Video)

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Folks we’ve said it time and time again in within and outside the confines of these pages: Great music lives, it’s out here, it’s not all status quo and J. Nolan has been one of the most consistent examples of that sentiment. His latest output is no exception. Press play and share!

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#NewMusic: J. Nolan – “Shield of Faith”

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014


As J. Nolan lays forth his stated creative intention “…my aim is to provide more substantial music that speaks to the internal struggles of our time and to be a better example with the voice that Hip-Hop has enabled our generation to have.” We here at GFM could not agree more and count it as our obligation to present a voice such as J. Nolan who has been countering the numerous assumptions that many of my(often cynical) generation re: Hip Hop circa 2014.

What I encourage us Growns (of every generation) to do when presented with an offering such as “Shield of Faith” is to listen, feel, and as so moved share. That’s something that we can all do that in the power of the aggregate is extremely substantial.

Link up with and Order J.Nolan Merchandise at:


J.Nolan – Sharpen the Sword (Official Video)

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Something to get your Monday going… a new video for “Sharpen The Sword,” from J. Nolan’s Chaos Theory project released last year. Shot by Z1TheEssential. Song produced by Yung B Da Producer. Download at:

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Part of the GFM staff, interested in joining? contact [at] grownfolksmusic [dot] com