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Artist of the Month (Song of the Day)- “I’m Coming Back (2011)”

Monday, November 28th, 2011

When Lalah recently performed at Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, she mentioned how she has re-recorded this song a couple of times. This is the type of track that only gets better with time. The lyrics alone are so beautiful: “I’m coming back just to give you my love, There’s a part of me that lives in you. I’m coming back just to give you my love, Loving you is the best thing I can do”. I couldn’t acknowledge this track without acknowledging the original version from Lalah’s 1992 debut album. (more…)

About Soul Sister

Soul Sister is a truly passionate about her music. The right song can instantly uplift her mood to turn a not so great day into a party. Her passion for music has also caused her to verbally come to the defense of some of her favorite artists. Don't worry- it was a peaceful defense, and the transgressors were uninjured. The love of music has led to the wonderful opportunity to share her thoughts with the Grown Folks Music family. When not blogging, Soul Sister is either engrossed in a book, discovering new music or revisiting classic music. Even though her vast cd collection spans decades, the music of the 1990's holds a special place in her heart. She resides in the Southern US.

In The Year 2011…

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

A couple of days out from the new year I thought that I might put together a little list of things that I hope to see in 2011. Of course this is somewhat in lieu of a list for Santa since well, 1. Christmas has passed and 2. I’m a few years past the Santa stage. I would like to stress only a few years past that stage.

1. Less free music and more quality music at any(some)price.

A single here and there to test the waters I get that. But a free ep every quarter/month/every other week? Cue Ed Lover! The profit margins may be very low these days, but at the end of the day a profit is still a profit. Right?

2. The end of mediafire et al as a tool for legitimate music promotion.

If you are a hobbyist and you want to send some music around to your friends to show them how adept you have become at constructing 4 bar loops by all means use something like the aforementioned sporage system(that’s combination spam and storage system). All others who fashion themselves professionals, please consider the bevy of options that are optimized for music promotion, which many are (gasp) free.

3. A return to the formula music>marketing.

Of course these days especially if you are an artist doin’-it-yourself, you have to do a fair amount of grassroots marketing, but when it seems that’s all you do? Sometimes I get the feeling that some artists believe that once they’ve made a recording that’s all that they need to do: Concentrate on making recordings. What about developing your craft? Professional athletes still practice don’t they? Why can’t you spend some time doing the same? Practicing, growing, learning, developing so that you will have added to your bag of tricks for the next musical masterpiece you record. Maybe for every 5 or more hours you spend on your music maybe you could then spend 1 hour marketing. Just a thought. Either that or when money allows hire… which brings me to my next point. (more…)